50 easy tips for walking and cycling

There are as many ways to walk and cycle as there are people. Choose the one that best suits you. Use our 50 tips to help you!

Walk or cycle:

1. the commute to work,

2. to the supermarket,

3. to school,

4. to the kiosk,

5. to visit friends or family,

6. to the cinema,

7. to a second-hand store,

8. to a café,

9. to visit your grandparents,

10. to visit a neighbour,

11. to a work meeting,

12. to spend time with a loved one,

13. on the beach,

14. in the forest,

15. downtown,

16. along the lake,

17. to the top of a fell,

18. to spend time with a friend,

19. in the rain,

20. in the snow,

21. in the sun,

22. to go window shopping,

23. to a treasure hunt,

24. to a picnic,

25. in funny shoes,

26. with an audio book,

27. listening to a podcast,

28. to lunch,

29. during a performance appraisal with your boss,

30. to a parents