Care for the environment

Make a smart decision: cycle or walk. It’s a really easy way to participate in shared efforts to combat climate change. Small changes can have great effects. Our programme’s procedures can reduce traffic emissions by 0.3 million tons.


Trips to the supermarket, business trips, visits… Wherever you’re going, think about how to get there. Could you make some of the journey on foot? What if you cycled to your nearest metro station? Your choices can make public transport more efficient. At the same time, you can reduce noise and emissions which negatively affect air quality, and make your environment more enjoyable. When there are fewer parking spaces, there is more room to walk and cycle. We all feel better in a pleasant city.


Vote with your feet and get moving. The winners will be you and the environment. And you’ll take care of your own wellbeing at the same time.


Increase in walking and cycling

(% increase)

Health benefits

(€4 billion)

Reduces emissions

0 tonnia
(0.3 million tons)