Tiina, a physiotherapist, cycles her four-kilometre way to work all year round.

“I have a car, but I prefer to take the bike. If there is a particularly bad weather for cycling in the winter, I may walk instead. In addition to my journey to work, I also take care of small-scale shopping by bike. Cycling is also to best way to get to the gym”, Tiina says.

Tiina combines cycling and using public transport.

“I ride a bike from my home to the Iso Omena shopping centre, take the metro from there, and at the Helsinki end, I move around by walking. I do not like cycling in the city centre; I prefer riding on bicycle lanes”, Tiina says.

For Tiina, the best motivation for cycling comes from the refreshment and a sense of well-being that she gets from the fresh air.

“I work indoors, so I want to get my exercise in fresh air. I feel a lot more energetic after a cycling trip than after a car trip. Even if there is frosty weather or it is raining, the refreshed feeling you get is very rewarding. In addition, your nerves are at rest when you do not need to sit in the car in a traffic jam but can instead speed freely to work via a scenery route. It is great for you mental health”, Tiina says and laughs.

According to Tiina, the best way to start is first just to try out and then set some small goals.

“My tip to a beginner is: try at least! Set your goal for just one week, for example. Cycle or walk for a week. You will most likely get positive experiences and notice the difference between sitting indoors and breathing fresh air on the move. The spring and the summer are excellent times for starting a trial!” Tiina says.