Maria is a managing director who is enthusiastic about cycling in both her leisure time and on journeys to work.

“I ride a bike to work if I do not have any meetings with customers and spend the whole workday at the office. The distance to my work is 13 kilometres one way. It takes about 47 minutes, depending slightly on the wind. Even though cycling takes more time than driving a car to work, it is more rewarding to take the bike”, Maria says.

In her leisure time, Maria also likes to walk, even though cycling is her favourite then as well. For leisure-time cycling, Maria has found an interesting hybrid combination:

“I take the metro from Helsinki to Espoo and start a bike trip from there. It is a fun way to see more of my home region”, Maria says.

The beautiful scenery and getting to know the nearby areas motivate Maria to get on a bike.

“When cycling, you can see the scenery and your home region much better than in any other way. In addition, you get a lot of fresh air when riding a bike. The third benefit is the exercise. You get it as a kind of bonus, almost without noticing”, Maria says on the benefits of cycling.