Pia, a brand strategist, is a bike commuter – also in the winter.

I have a 10-kilometre journey to work, and I travel it by bike several times a week. If I decide in the evening that I will take the bike in the morning, then I’ll cycle regardless of the weather. In the winter, I invest in equipment and layered clothing, and install studded tyres on my bike. During winter, one needs to plan the cycling route more carefully. If there is a lot of slushy snow on my regular route, I pick another route that is maintained better”, Pia says.

Pia thinks that walking is a great way for mental and physical recovery.

“I do a lot of sports, and walking is a great way to speed up recovery. It increases your mental well-being, and can even be compared to meditation in my opinion. Walking is also a great way to maintain your social relationships. I often go for a walk with my friends”, Pia says.

Pia likes to combine different modes of moving around. A combination of the metro and a city bike is her favourite.

I often take a city bike from a bike station near my home and use it to get to the metro station. I take the metro to my work or to the city, and get back the same way. I also often take a city bike during the workday, for instance, to get to a meeting, and use one for short trips to a shop”, Pia says.

Pia is motivated to walk and ride a bike by the great, energetic feeling she gets.

“If I drive a car to work, I immediately notice the difference to cycling. After a trip to work by bike in the morning, I have an energetic feeling all day at work. Similarly, in the evening I have a more energetic, great feeling both physically and mentally right away”, Pia says.

Saving time, money and nerves is also a good reason to get moving on your feet.

“I drive the car as little as possible, because I cannot stand sitting in traffic jams. At the same time, I save in petrol costs. Bicycle commuting allows you to get your exercise during the day, so that you can spend the evening with your children and participate in their hobbies”, Pia says about the benefits.

Pia encourages even the beginner to invest in good equipment.

“Pay attention to ensuring that your equipment and bike are in good order. Choose a bike that is best suited for your purpose. It makes cycling much more convenient. I bought a better bike for cycling in the winter, and the difference was great when I started using a bike designed precisely for that purpose”, Pia says.