50 easy tips for walking and cycling

Walk or cycle:

There are as many ways to walk and cycle as there are people. Choose the one that best suits you. Use our 50 tips to help you!

1. the commute to work

2. to the supermarket

3. to school

4. to the kiosk

5. to visit friends or family

6. to the cinema

7. to a second-hand store

8. to a café

9. to visit your grandparents

10. to visit a neighbour

11. to a work meeting

12. to spend time with a loved one

13. on the beach

14. in the forest

15 downtown

16. along the lake

17. to the top of a fell

18. to spend time with a friend

19. in the rain

20. in the snow

21. in the sun

22. to go window shopping

23. to a treasure hunt

24. to a picnic

25. in funny shoes

26. with an audio book,

27. listening to a podcast,

28. to lunch,

29. during a performance appraisal with your boss,

30. to a parents’ evening,

31. while helping the kids with their homework,

32. while practicing a sales pitch,

33. while coming up with chat-up lines,

34. while exchanging gossip on the phone,

35. while on hold to customer service,

36. while revising grammar,

37. while working on a novel,

38. while spending time with your soulmate,

39. while sparring business ideas,

40. on holiday,

41. after an argument to calm down,

42. to the playground,

43. to a children’s birthday party,

44. while daydreaming,

45. to the gym,

46. while singing,

47. while reciting poetry,

48. while declaring your love,

49. to enjoy a nice breeze, or

50. to replace a fad diet.

Try to come up with some more yourself. It’s easy, isn’t it?